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Heddy (aka Hedvig Tilly Sørensen)

Hedy – watercolour & pastel and pencil on paper. 16 x 11.5in

I was born Hedvig Tilly Sørensen (aka Heddy) in an extremely small town called Toco (aka Shady Grove) Texas. I bet you thought I was going to say somewhere in Scandinavia coolish like Copenhagen, but alas no. My closest city and closest to Europe I had ever been was Paris, Paris Texas, USA. I had been in and out of numerous foster homes my whole life and never knew who my birth parents were until a weird synchronistic chain of events took place. Maybe fate, destiny, not sure, but here in this tiny town of Toco, population 89, one very small school and a weird landmark plane, I was found by a talent scout who worked for a high profile modelling agency in New York, IMG Models.

It’s with this chance meeting that this propelled me into a completely foreign world, the high fashion world and my first ever catwalk for Paris Fashion week, in actual Paris, Europe! This is where my story takes another unbelievable turn in helping me uncovering the bones and relics from my ancestry and why I was the way I was and who I was becoming. – short story by Fiona Maclean