Art Inspiration,  Fashion Illustration,  Short story


Arianna – watercolour, pencil & pastel on paper. 16 x 11.5in

Struggling against the current was not my style but somehow I had found myself stuck in that groove, a groove that seemed to be gaining momentum and felt like it was paralysing me. I had read literally hundreds of success stories, stories of rags to riches or of famous people, people who I respected and learnt that the majority of their lives had somehow ‘fallen’ into place. And I had developed this warped belief that there were a limited amount of opportunities that were divvied up at birth and doors that open at certain critical times in ones life.

It was increasingly apparent I was starting to lose faith in myself, and worse, that I was continually questioning whether I actually had any talent at all.

Sitting in her golden masquerade outfit all ready for the Met Gala, she waited patiently for her blind date to arrive. Cautiously she pulled Ganesh from the deck of cards. Arianna knew exactly what this meant,…YES she smiled inwardly and a wave of positivity flooded her ether, her body, her mind. Tonight really is going to be a night filled with opportunities! No more blocking or sabotaging. The universe was finally on my side again. – short story by Fiona Maclean